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We provide our services VPN and SSH Premium account for Free, But please do not do Bad things that smelled of Criminals with the account you created in www.FreeVPN.us such as:

  4. DDOS
  6. FRAUD
  7. SPAM, etc.
  8. Never Repost or re-upload Account to another people (Your account will Suspended).
  9. You are allowed a maximum of 3 Bitvise for using SSH account
  10. Use it wisely, So we can continue provide Premium VPN and SSH accounts Free for you.

Any type of content that will allow here is the result of the Official Database FreeVPN.us.

If we find the same content on other websites without permission from our website, it will be regarded as theft of our content. and it will be reported to DMCA and Google.


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Freevpn.us always use powerful server for best experience surf in internet with our service, always free no hidden cost and true unlimited bandwidth.
Global network

Worldwide server location

No limit speed

With 4G LTE speed up to 100Mb/s

Cross platform

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